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Indian Army

Indian Artillery ..

Indian Army attacking Pakistani positions with fierce retaliation.

214mm PINAKA MBRL ..

The 214mm Pinaka MBRL is an all weather, indirect fire, free flight, area saturation weapon system that has begun to enter service with the Indian Army. It consists of a Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) vehicle with 12 tubes, three replenishment vehicles, a loader cum replenishment vehicle and a fire control system containing a command post and the DIGICORA MET radar.

Pinaka MBRL Firing it's payload of rockets, it can achieve ranges up to 42 km during users trial. It carries 100 kg warhead.

Denel G6 155mm Howitzer

The 280 units purchase will provide a massive increase in firepower for the Indian Army.

As an example of the gun's accuracy, at 75% of the maximum range the probable error specification is 0.48% of the range value and 1 mil in deflection. The G6 155mm self propelled howitzer is a highly autonomous system with 700km vehicle fuel range. Most recently (Feb.2004) 280 of these units were purchased by the Indian Army.

Strela-10M3 (SA-13 Gopher) SAM

Mounted on TELAR vehicle, the launcher pedestal is 360º traversable. The SA-13 missile has a maximum speed of Mach 2, carries a 5kg HE warhead and is fitted with either an improved passive lead sulphide all-aspects infra-red seeker unit, or a cryogenically cooled passive all-aspects infra-red seeker unit.

G6 Denel 155mm SP Howitzer

Fire Control: Target data is transmitted from a command and control centre to the commander's station in the crew compartment via a VHF/UHF communications link.
The gun laying and navigation equipment comprises a ring laser gyroscope system equipped with a touchscreen control developed by the Kentron division of Denel. The gun has fully autonomous laying and navigation capability with no need for survey and alignment at the gun position. The system can be interfaced to an optional global positioning system (GPS). The system also has a back-up laying system. The gun is fitted with a trunnion mounted telescopic sight for direct firing up to 3,000m.

India has signed a deal with South Africa (2004) to purchase up to 280!!!, 155mm Howitzers from Denel - towed and self-propelled. These guns are to be fitted with the new 52 Calibre barrel which with new generation ammunition has ranges in excess of 50kms. The howitzer has on-board storage for 45 projectiles and 50 charges. Semi-automatic projectile loading is carried out using an electronically controlled hydraulic flick-rammer. Two loading chutes are installed at the rear of gun for direct loading from a ground ammunition pile.

Tunguska M1

Fire Control: The system has target acquisition radar and target tracking radar, optical sight, digital computing system, tilt angle measuring system and navigation equipment. Radar detection range is 18km and tracking range is 16km.

Tunguska M1 low AA

Two twin-barrel 30mm anti-aircraft guns are mounted on the vehicle. These guns have a maximum firing rate of 5,000 rounds per minute and a range of 3,000m against air targets. This extends to 4,000m against ground targets.

Indian military - Milan II anti-tank weapon..

Milan II

Soldier wearing NBC suit stands next to a FLAME launcher developed by Bharat Dynamics Limited, FLAME is a universal launcher which can fire the 9K113 Konkurs (AT-5 Spandrel), the 9K11 Fagot (AT-4 Spigot) and the Milan-II anti-tank guided missile.

Milan-II anti-tank guided missile within a FLAME launcher, mounted on a Mahindra & Mahindra jeep
Max. Range: 2000 meters

Indian Military - Mi-25/35 Hind helicopters..

Mi-25/35 Hind ..

Mi-25 prepares to launch an offensive support mission from Palay is armed with 12.7mm rotary machine gun, 57mm rockets and light bombs.

The Mi-25 has a nose-mounted four barrelled 12.7mm gatling gun with 1400 rounds. Plus up to 4200 kg of ordnance (UV-57-32 57mm unguided rocket pods, ATGMs, AAMs, iron bombs) on six wing pylons. The Mi-35 has a three barrelled 23mm cannon in the chin turret with 250 rounds per gun and can carry up to a maximum of 4750 kg of ordnance.

A pair of Mi-35 on a strafing exercise. Currently IAF has 20-25 attack helos.

IAF Mi-25 over Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. These gunships were extensively used against the LTTE, who nicknamed the machine 'Crocodile'.

weapon pylons carry two ATGM launchers a rocket pod and a drop tank .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

India Images

Cheer up India!


Indian tiger..

Tata Ace – The True India Truck!

Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra..

Sweeping. Varanasi

sri meenakshi sundareswara temple


Silent Prayer Amritsar, India

Prayer at the Temple..

Green world..

Mosque (Agra India)


Little Red Riding Hood..

Lal Baba..

l’homme de mehrangarh..

Indian Wedding..

India Style..


Unity of India..

india – gujarat..



Indian blessing...


On the way to reach his Goal..

Awsome works..

Art Faces...

Indian Food..

Golden Temple before Sunrise..

Golden Slumbers..

Diwali lights..

Dark eyes. Pushkar..

damsel at Pushkar..

colourful smile of india..

colour of india..

Colour of India..

Colour of India..

colour of India..


Colourful Masks..

buddha from bodhgaya..

Bananiers en paix..

back to India..

Child gods of India..

A glance inside, a glimpse outside...

A Dreamer Among the Humblest..

Incredible India..

Incredible India..

Incredible India..

Colours of India..

Hands to proud..


Incredible India...






Incredible India..




Incredible India..



Desert water..


Touch to Sky..

Green Smile..

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Cool Trip..

Incredible India..

Incredible India..

Rare Arts..

Rare Medicines..

Rare Awsome works..

Incredible India..

One Of The Interesting Places to Visit Before You Die